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Jeff Schloss

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Comments about recent presentations:

"Jeffrey Schloss is the clearest and most intelligent speaker alive today on topics at the interface of religion and evolution. His grasp of leading edge science is second to none, and his wonderfully insightful appreciation for religious thought is always inspiring. I have been around the field of religion and science for decades, and have shared podiums with some great names. But I have never found anyone as wise, enjoyable, balanced, fair-minded, and engaging as Jeff Schloss. Large crowd or small seminar, he is the best integrative mind of his generation on these big questions. He is just as good as it gets, period. "

Stephen G. Post, Director
Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics
Stony Brook University Medical Center
Stony Brook, New York

"Jeff Schloss is one of the most informed Christian voices speaking on evolution in America. His presentations are engaging, thoughtful, and worth whatever effort it takes to attend.”

Karl W. Giberson
Executive Vice-President, BioLogos Foundation
Director of the Forum on Faith and Science, Gordon College
Wenham, MA

"Jeff Schloss has a genuine gift of speaking in a way that is deep and insightful while also clear and accessible.   His talks are always illustrated with wonderfully crafted Powerpoint slides and he punctuates the talks with humor that keeps audiences rapt.  Let me know where he is speaking – I'll be there.”

Michael Murray
Arthur and Katherine Shadek Professor in the Humanities
Department of Philosophy
Franklin and Marshall College
Lancaster, PA

"Jeff Schloss is a very good and engaging speaker, and his talks on evolutionary psychology, altruism, and naturalistic accounts of religion have been very well received. He is very careful to distinguish different positions on the issues, and to make the point that explaining the origin of something is not to 'explain away' its significance.”

Rodney Holder
Course Director, The Faraday Institute
St Edmund's College
Cambridge University
Cambridge, England

"I love Jeff's creative and open minded approach when thinking about questions at the interface of science and religion.”

Martin Nowak, Director
Program for Evolutionary Dynamics
Harvard University

"Professor Schloss is one of the world's leading thinkers regarding the relationship between evolution and religion. He moves beyond traditional issues of general compatibility to consider how cutting-edge research in the evolutionary sciences bears upon what it means to be human, whether we can really be selfless, and how religiousness might be part of our (evolved) human nature. Professor Schloss is an energetic, engaging, and entertaining speaker sure to challenge and intrigue experts and novices alike.”

Dr. Justin L. Barrett
Senior Researcher, Centre for Anthropology & Mind
Lecturer, Institute of Cognitive & Evolutionary Anthropology
University of Oxford
Oxford, England

"I can think of no one more qualified to speak to the encounter between evangelical Christians and neo-Darwinian evolutionists than Jeff Schloss. Uncompromising as a biologist, splendid as a faithful interpreter of the Christian tradition, and impeccable as a scholar contributing to their interaction, Jeff is a superb example of the creative encounter between Christian theology and the biological and physical sciences.”

Robert John Russell
The Ian G. Barbour Professor of Theology and Science
In Residence, The Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
Founder and Director
The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences