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Jeff Kaplan

J. Kaplan

Comments about recent presentations:

"Jeff Kaplan brings to his lectures on militant fundamentalisms and lethal religious movement the same kind of intensity and authority that he has gained through the years through his personal dealings with individuals and groups who carry religious themes into fanaticisms which becomes threats to others. He also brings wise counsel to publics who are seeking ways to move beyond fear and paralysis to more constructive action."

Martin E. Marty
Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor
University of Chicago

"Jeff Kaplan is very in-depth in his studies and presentations. He really wishes to go to the roots of the phenomena he is interested in, for example, by personally meeting and interviewing people in non-mainstream, sometimes even eccentric movements. Therefore, he can, better than many others, analyse and describe these kinds of movements from inside, from the heads and soul of the people living in the movements."

Kyosti Pekonen
Professor of Political Science
University of Helsinki

"Jeffrey Kaplan is a speaker I would much recommend. An expert in many fields, Jeff is also an original thinker, unusually good at identifying and handling the real issues-and doing so in a way that makes real sense."

Mark Sedgwick, PhD
Coordinator, Unit for Arab and Islamic Studies
Department of the Study of Religion
University of Aarhus, Denmark

"Dr. Jeff Kaplan is an engagingly original thinker about truly important
issues, and he communicates his analysis and insights with clarity and
rhetorical skill. Anyone who shares Prof. Kaplan's interests will benefit
richly from hearing him and then conversing with him - he is very

S. Scott Bartchy
Director, Center for the Study of Religion at UCLA
Professor of History, UCLA