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Richard Auldon Clark

R. Clark

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Comments about recent performances:

"Richard Auldon Clark is one of this country's best young conductors. His New York concerts are exciting events, as much for the innovative programming as for the performances."


"Mr. Clark's conducting is outgoing, and demonstrative, and his players responded with solid, energetic performances."

New York Times

"Richard Auldon Clark, conductor of the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra, is also becoming something of a living gift to contemporary composers."

Press and Sun Bulletin
Binghamton, NY

"Richard Aldon Clark is certainly performing magic with his musicians!"

Star Ledger
Newark, NJ

"Few are doing more for the cause of American music than Richard Auldon Clark and the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra."

Classical Pulse

"Under the exuberant direction of Richard Auldon Clark the string players presented an eclectic blend of traditional repertoire with little known American originals. Throughout the program the finesse of intepretative artistry was keenly apparent."

Albert Lea Tribune

"Conductor Richard Auldon Clark is to be congratulated for making it possible for the very devoted and largely young audience to hear pieces that are seldom heard. Under his skillful guidance, the execution was absolutely first rate."

Amsterdam News
New York, NY

"Richard Auldon Clark had the orchestra performing as he wished. His spark plug style generated energy at every turn."

Classical New Jersey