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Dave Mason

D. Mason

Comments about recent presentations:

"Dave is very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and creative and is a captivating speaker. We will be calling on him again."

Charlie McDonald
Great Decisions Committee Chair
Mid-North Shepherd's Center
Indianapolis, IN

"Dave Mason has drawn upon a lifetime of research, writing, and teaching on political science to present a fascinating and a strongly-supported thesis that pinpoints exactly where our nation is at the current moment in time. Professor Mason's argument that the U.S. is a weaker, poorer, and less influential nation than we think we are is a message that is both important and intriguing. Professor Mason presents his insights quite calmly, but they are insights that should and do generate strong and engaged reactions from his audience.”

Fran Quigley
Visiting Professor of Law
Indiana University School of Law--Indianapolis

"Professor Mason made a great speech which impressed his Chinese audience deeply. His presentation was praised highly by the entrepreneurs who are engaged in business with Americans. Some of them told me that their future investment will be guided by Professor Mason's words.”

Dr. Tang Xiaosong
Professor & President
Center for International Security and Strategic Studies
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Guangzhou, China

"Professor David Mason has been a favorite speaker on our Mid-North Shepherd's Center's annual Great Decisions series. He comes well prepared on important issues and prompts good questions from the audience, answering the questions with clarity.”

Marian K. Towne, Co-President
Mid-North Shepherd's Center
Indianapolis, IN

"An engaging speaker, Dave Mason combines a flair for storytelling with numerous statistics that attest to thorough research and make for compelling evidence of his arguments. A well rounded and comprehensive approach to international relations marks his work, which though initially rooted in eastern Europe, touches on democratization and great power rivalry - both of which are currently highly relevant topics.”

Dr. Milind Thakar
Associate Professor
History & Political Science
University of Indianapolis

"Dr. David Mason's presentation provided us with an eye-opening perspective on American power and status in today's multi-polar world. He did a wonderful job of deconstructing our common sense and beliefs about the social and economic foundations of American capitalism. Although his research is deep in its philosophical underpinnings and scholarly roots, his lecture was straightforward and contained a wealth of detailed practical information. The clarity and persuasiveness of Dr. Mason's analysis make his scholarly work accessible to the general public.”

Sangmin Bae, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Northeastern Illinois University
Chicago, Illinois