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Hilene Flanzbaum

H. Flanzbaum

Comments about recent presentations:

“Hilene Flanzbaum is a fantastic speaker. Her delivery is sparkling, her material is always cogent, and to the point. I've always found her someone to look forward to, a welcomed presence to be reckoned with and a huge success.”

Daniel Walden 
Professor Emeritus of American Studies, English and Comparative Literature
Penn State University

"Hilene Flanzbaum's important work is greatly appreciated among scholars. Hilene's talks are concise and she presents her ideas in a systematic yet innovative way.”

Susanne Rohr
Professor of American Literature and Culture
Chair, American Studies
University of Hamburg
Hamburg, German

"As an authority on the meaning of the Holocaust for Americans, Hilene Flanzbaum is an exemplary figure. But, perhaps even more important, she also has an absolutely clear-headed and sometimes refreshingly skeptical view of the uses to which the Holocaust has been put in American life and on its relation to Jewish American identity. Reading her or hearing her speak on theses topics is always a challenging and enlivening experience.”

Walter Benn Michaels
Professor of English
University of Illinois at Chicago

"Hilene Flanzbaum is an extraordinary teacher and speaker. She has a vast command of her subject and an inviting way of engaging her audience to grapple with large issues, to think outside the box and to touch mind and heart.”

Rabbi Sandy Sasso
Congregation Beth-El Zedeck
Indianapolis, IN

"Hilene Flanzbaum is smart, funny--and great intellectual company.”

Joanne Jacobson
Professor of English
Yeshiva University